Friday, 17 February 2017

Elgregoe "Tweets"

The children were asked to recount or describe their trip to Elgregoe in only 140 characters - like a Tweet.

Elgregoe is cool. He has heps of birds, he has a hamster and puppets.This was at the matamata Christian school’s hall. Charlotte got up to help Elgregoe with a trick.


On Thursday we went to Elgergo to see him do tricks at the Christian School. The one that was the best magic was the disapering body trick. It was so cool as we got prizes too.

On the 16th of February we went to the Christian school to watch an illusionist called Elgreogo. He played tricks on you and made us laugh. I adored his birds. 

Yesterday we went to Matamata Christian School to see Elgrego. He made birds disappear and cut someone in half which was freaky. There was a jug that unexplainably never stopped pouring water.

We went to Elgrego yesterday and there were so many birds. His assistant's name was Sue. He has mind-blowing tricks and thrilling puppets.

On the 16th of February our whole school went to Elgrego! It was Fantastic! Disappearing Doves, Parrots and guinea pigs. He did magic illusions. It was mind and eye tricking!

Yesterday St Joseph’s school went see Elgrego .He does illusions with parrots and other animals. He has an assistant called Susan. She grabbed the boxes and other things like that to help him do the tricks. 

Elgrego is part of the  trust power team.  He is a good magician. He is cool.  

Yesterday we went to see Elgrego. We saw some illusions that were cool. Some of us also got some prizes and that was delightful. I could not decide about what was the best part because everything was the coolest ever! Natalia


Sunday, 26 June 2016

How do I learn?

Today we talked about Multiple intelligences and the way we like to learn.

Take this test to find out your strengths!